Logo Design of the Final Eight Teams In The 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs

Sports teams have interesting relationships with their logos, oftentimes branding and rebranding, reacting heavily to fan interactions with these new designs and how merchandise sales are affected. This oftentimes leaves teams rebranding every few years, keeping up with design trends, the evolution of sports logos is interesting to look at. With less history in the United States than sports such as baseball, the way that hockey teams have reacted to changes in logos, branding, and more should be explored!



New York Islanders

Founded in 1972 on Long Island, New York, the Islanders use a royal blue, orange and white color scheme in their logo and uniforms. The original logo version of the team reflects these three color choices, with a white hockey stick over the orange silhouette of Long Island. With a few minor changes (adding a stripe to the bottom of the hockey stick to indicate the number of Stanley Cups won by the team) the logo has generally remained the same. In 1995, the team underwent a drastic rebrand, completely ditching their original logo and replacing it with the image of a fisherman holding a hockey stick. The negative reaction to this was so unbelievably strong that the Islanders made moves back to their original logo as quickly as they could, fully phasing out the fisherman by 1997. After this, the logo used navy blue instead of the original blue coloring. While the team’s logo has maintained relatively static, they have shifted their jerseys to more accurately reflect the team’s ever-changing identity and brand as they’ve undergone major changes.



Tampa Bay Lightning

Also referred to as the Bolts, the Tampa Bay Lightning were established in 1992 and use blue, white, and black as their primary colors. Their original logo portrayed a white lightning bolt outlined in black on a gray background. Tampa Bay Lightning was written in blue and outlined in gray. This logo represented the team until a 2007 rebrand, which significantly modernized the brand. Updating both the lightning bolt and font choice of the team. In 2011, the logo was simplified even further, simply portraying a white lightning bolt in a circle on a field of blue. This move has also related to their referencing as the “Bolts” as the logo has become more and more simplified. With three significant logo changes in less than 20 years, their jerseys have changed even further. The Lightning are taking regular steps to simplify their brand, moving away from the solid brand familiarity established by other teams.



Washington Capitals

Red, navy blue, and white are the key colors of the Capital’s logo and jersey design, which is incredibly appropriate considering they represent the capital of the United States. The original logo and jersey design played heavily on the red, white, and blue theme, their logo and jerseys emblazoned with stars since 1974. In 1995, they drastically changed their logo, colors, and look, opting for black, blue, and bronze. The logo was replaced with an eagle, talon outstretched, in an attempt to improve merchandise sales. From 2002 to 2007, the team introduced a new home logo, featuring the Capitol building in Washington D.C. with crossed hockey sticks and two stars, still featuring the black, bronze, and blue color scheme introduced with the previous logo. In 2007, they changed their logo again, bringing back the red, white, and blue color scheme, featuring an eagle with the dome of the Capitol building in its breast. This season, the Capitals wear red jerseys aimed at appreciating the outdoor roots of the sport.


Pittsburgh Penguins

The 1967 founding of the Penguins introduced the team with a blue, white, yellow, and black color scheme, featuring a scarved penguin against a yellow triangle background, which was built upon and updated to more prominently feature the team’s name in the 1968 version of the team’s logo. The yellow triangle serves as a reference to the Golden Triangle found in the city of Pittsburgh.  In 1971, the Penguins removed the team’s name to just feature the skating penguin against a yellow triangle background- which remained untouched until 1992. Between 1992 and 2002, the team used a variation of the penguin and yellow triangle, removing the skating penguin from the mix. However, in 2002, they brought back the skating penguin onto the logo and introduced the team’s current colors of gold, black, yellow, and white. For nearly the entirety of the team’s existence, except for the period between 1992 and 2002, the skating penguin has been a core part of the Penguin’s logo.


Dallas Stars

Previously the Minnesota North Stars, the Dallas Stars got their current branding after the move to Dallas in 1993. Even after this move, the team kept the same uniform design and general logo that the team had before the move south. The only addition was a version of the logo with the outline of the state of Texas behind it. In 1994, the team added the word “Dallas” to the logo. In 2013, a new logo was introduced that used silver instead of gold for star, and used a green to highlight the logo. The letter D remains in the center of the star, a reference to Dallas’s nickname- the Big D. The team is represented by victory green, silver, black, and white, and remains one of the more untouched NFL logos.


St. Louis Blues

Since St. Louis was awarded a NHL team in 1967, little has changed about the team’s logo design. The team takes its name from the rich history of the blues musical style in the area, and uses an artistic rendering of a blue note as the team’s logo. Significant changes to the team’s logo included adding red details and the team name in 1984, then removing the team name in 1998, and the team’s current representation in 1998, which removed the red outline and replaced it with a deeper blue and sharper feathers in the logo.


San Jose Sharks

With deep Pacific teal, burnt orange, black, and white serving to represent the team, the first logo of the 1991 Sharks portrayed a black shark biting through a hockey stick within a triangle and also displayed the team’s skating shark mascot. Their alternate logo showed a shark fin emerging from water, a logo they retained until 2007. Currently, the logo and the alternate logo remain very similar to their original incantation, simply cleaning up the design, adding orange coloring, and reflecting the advances in design to date. 


Nashville Predators

Nashville’s home to the den of a prehistoric saber-toothed tiger, considered to be one of the last of its kind before extinction, and one of only five discovered in North America. This is where the NHL team unveiled their logo in connection with this great predator in 1997. The first logo version used blue, orange, and silver as the main components, featuring the long front-tooth of the tiger. In 2011, the logo was updated to reflect blue, yellow, and white, keeping the original shape and design of the original logo. Alternate logos of the team have ranged from simply using the team’s initials to a version of showing the bones of the saber-toothed tiger, however, remaining relatively static in comparison to many teams.


Hershey announces partnership with USA Gymnastics and Olympic gold medalist Shannon Miller

hershey co-kiss-USAGym-PartnerHershey, PA / TSBX News / – The Hershey Company and its flagship brand, Hershey’s, today announced its two-year partnership with USA Gymnastics as the exclusive confectionery sponsor through 2017. Hershey also proudly welcomed Shannon Miller, the most decorated American gymnast in history and two-time Olympic gold medalist, to be a part of the Hershey family and serve as a brand ambassador through the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. The relationship with the Olympic sport’s U.S national governing body and the gymnastics legend is effective immediately.


As an official sponsor of USA Gymnastics, Hershey’s, America’s iconic chocolate bar, will bring moments of goodness and patriotic pride to consumers, athletes and fans while elevating the passion for the sport nationwide. Hershey’s will be the presenting sponsor of 2016 Pacific Rim Gymnastics Championships and serve as a key sponsor of the 2016 Kellogg’s Tour of Gymnastics Champions, conducted by USA Gymnastics following the 2016 Olympic Games.


Hershey’s is honored and proud to partner with USA Gymnastics and work with the legendary Shannon Miller and its all-star athletes to promote this beloved sport and connect with all the passionate fans across the country,” said Stacie Stauffer, Senior Brand Manager, Hershey’s. “Through our partnership, we will continue to celebrate our commitment to the sport, Team USA and the Olympic Movement.”


“We are proud to welcome the iconic Hershey brand to the USA Gymnastics partner family,” said Steve Penny, president of USA Gymnastics. “The Hershey Company will play an integral role in helping us connect with fans and bring them closer to the U.S. Gymnastics National Team while our athletes compete during the Countdown to Rio and beyond.”


7068Through the USA Gymnastics partnership, the Hershey’s brand will have the ability to continue to spread the news of their new campaign, “Hello Happy. Hello Hershey’s,” that debuted in early February 2016.  The new campaign will integrate Hershey’s partnerships with USA Gymnastics, Miller and the United States Olympic Committee through several special events, activities and media opportunities.


“Competing at the Olympic Games was a dream come true, and I am proud to have the opportunity to work with Hershey, a company that epitomizes the American dream,” said 7-time Olympic medalist and gymnastics icon Shannon Miller. “Together, we can spread a passion for the sport and celebrate our patriotic pride with athletes, fans and consumers around the country.”


The announcement builds off an exciting win: The Hershey Company has joined forces with the United States Olympic Committee, and will support the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic teams through the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games and Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Through this partnership, The Hershey Company will serve as an official sponsor of Team USA.



Gillette Delivers an Early Contender For One of the Top Sports Commercials of 2016 With Dance Moves of NFL Offensive Linemen

Deleting the DefenseWe just released our picks for the top sports commercials of 2015 and already Gillette is stating it’s case to be included in the 2016 listing.

Ahead of Super Bowl 50, Gillette is celebrating the importance of protection and shielding by teaming up with select NFL offensive linemen, aka the players who tend to fly under the radar but protect the face of the team. It’s a little tongue and cheek, but Gillette’s message is clear. The commercials premiere concurrently with the launch of Gillette’s new Fusion ProShield.

To celebrate these unsung protectors, Gillette is giving them the chance to dance – literally – by showcasing their signature protection-inspired #ShieldMove dance. NFL O-Liners Rodger Saffold (St. Louis Rams), John Urschel (Baltimore Ravens), and Trent Williams (Washington Redskins) are inviting fans around the country to submit their very own dance on Twitter with the hashtag #ShieldMove all month long to receive some fun perks.





Dick’s Sporting Goods Announces Roster Of More Than 180 Team USA Contenders

DicksSportingGoodsUSOCPITTSBURGH, Jan. 5, 2016 /TSBX News/ — DICK’S Sporting Goods, the official sporting goods retail sponsor of Team USA, announced today its roster of more than 180 U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Contenders being supported by the Company through flexible employment opportunities and sponsorship agreements.

To date, over 170 Contenders are currently working in 87 DICK’S Sporting Goods stores in 31 states across the country. The Contenders are offered flexible work schedules and competitive compensation, allowing them to devote the necessary time to training to be part of Team USA at future Olympic or Paralympic Games. Athletes from 36 different sports, across both Olympic and Paralympic, summer and winter events, are participating in the program.

“We’re honored to provide these inspiring athletes with what they need – a flexible source of income – to pursue their Olympic and Paralympic dreams,” said Lauren Hobart, Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer, DICK’S Sporting Goods. “At the same time, the Contenders are able to offer our customers their expertise as elite athletes. We have had such positive feedback on the program, from the Contenders, our customers and their fellow associates. It’s truly a win-win.”

DICK’S announced a multi-faceted partnership last February, which included the in-store employment program, sporting goods and equipment donations to the U.S. Olympic Training Centers and sponsorships to Team USA hopefuls to help them pursue their Olympic and Paralympic dreams.

“DICK’S Sporting Goods’ commitment to America’s elite athletes through their sponsorship of the USOC and the Contenders program is opening up important new pathways for athletes working to achieve their Olympic and Paralympic dreams,” said Lisa Baird, USOC Chief Marketing Officer. “We are thrilled that this program has grown so fast and is helping so many athletes, and we are proud to call DICK’S a member of the USOC family of partners.”

To date, 11 additional Contenders, outside of the in-store employment program, have been provided with sponsorships from DICK’S Sporting Goods to support their journey to make Team USA, including 2016 U.S. Olympic Team hopeful Kerri Walsh Jennings and 2016 U.S. Paralympic Team hopeful Lex Gillette.

A current roster of the DICK’S Sporting Goods program as of today includes:


First Name Last Name Sport Hometown Store Location
Megan Absten Track & Field – 100m & 200m Anna Maria, FL Bradenton, FL
Kelly Allen Paralympic Kayak Kingsford, MI Bethany, OK
Sarah Anderson Curling Broomall, PA Roseville, MN
Joshua Fryman Track & Field – Hammer Throw Maysville, KY Myrtle Beach, SC
Jerome Avery Paralympic Track & Field -100m, 200m, 4x100m (Guide Runner) Hanford, CA El Cajon, CA
Courtney Baker Paralympic Sitting Volleyball Crofton, KY Lexington, KY
Michael Barminski Field Hockey Ventura, CA San Diego, CA
Daianna Barron Track & Field – 200m & 400m Warrensville  Heights, OH Aurora, OH
Sheldon Battle Track & Field – Shot Put Jamestown, NY Tuscaloosa, AL
Sarah Beard Shooting Danville, IN Colorado Springs, CO
Tyler Bennett Paralympic Soccer Wadsworth, OH Akron, OH
Amelia Bizer Rugby The Woodlands, TX El Cajon, CA
Brandon Blackley Speedskating Eagle River, AK Salt Lake City, UT
Dominique Booker Track & Field – 100m & 200m East Orange, NJ Deer Valley, AZ
Mark Braun Paralympic Track & Field Mounds View, MN N/A
Joshua Brown Judo Wasilla, AK Colorado Springs, CO
Rodney Brown Track & Field – Discus Chappell Hill, TX Baton Rouge, LA
Amanda Burke Diving Southampton, PA State College, PA
Monique Burkland Paralympic Sitting Volleyball Ardmore, OK N. Oklahoma City, OK
Kathleen Burnett Track & Field – Race Walk Issaquah, WA El Cajon, CA
Kyra Caldwell Track & Field – Hurdles Ypsilanti, MI El Paso, TX
Kelsey Campbell Wrestling Milwaukie, OR Tempe, AZ
Amber Campbell Track & Field – Hammer Throw Indianapolis, IN Myrtle Beach, SC
Alexandra Carlson Curling Inver Grove Heights, MN Roseville, MN
Veronica Carlson Wrestling Addison, IL Rock Hill, SC
Nicholas Christie Track & Field – Race Walk El Cajon, CA San Diego, CA
Ernest Chun Wheelchair Rugby Waipahu, HI Scottsdale, AZ
Charles Clark Track & Field – 200m & 400m Virginia Beach, VA Virginia Beach, VA
Alyssa Cleland Paralympic Sitting Volleyball Laguna Hills, CA Oklahoma City, OK
Phoebe Coffin Synchronized Swimming Los Gatos, CA Pleasant Hill, CA
Michael Coleman Track & Field – 100m & 200m Ruston, LA San Diego, CA
Sineaid Corley Bobsled New London, NH Yonkers, NY
Bradley Craig Swimming Midland, MI Knoxville, TN
Brooke Crain Cycling – BMX Visalia, CA N/A
Franchon Crews Boxing Baltimore, MD Glen Burnie, MD
Joshua Dangel Track & Field – Pole Vault Cincinnati, Ohio San Diego, CA
Royce Dates Track & Field – Long Jump & Triple Jump Memphis, TN Nashville, TN
Abel Del Toro Paralympic Goalball Fontana, CA Fort Wayne, IN
Robert Deller Wheelchair Rugby Marietta, GA Kennesaw, GA
Ajai Dhadwal Field Hockey Agoura Hills, CA San Diego, CA
Quincy Downing Track & Field – 400m hurdles & 400m Cleveland, OH Baton Rouge, LA
Korey Dropkin Curling Southborough, MA Duluth, MN
Heather Erickson Paralympic Sitting Volleyball Fayetteville, NC N. Oklahoma City, OK
Quinn Evenson Curling Fairbanks, AK Duluth, MN
George Fields Track & Field – Long Jump & Sprints Columbia, SC Columbia, SC
Jeremy Finton Paralympic Track & Field – 100m, 400m, Club Throw Tampa, FL Lancaster, OH
Jason Flanagan Track & Field – Javelin Throw Philadelphia, PA Myrtle Beach, SC
Eileen Ford-Faherty Paralympic Archery Perry, GA North Macon, GA
Jonathan Garcia Speedskating Houston, TX Salt Lake City, UT
Richard Garrett Track & Field – Shot Put Garland, TX San Diego, CA
Amanda Ghannam Rugby Danbury, CT Danbury, CT
Lex Gillette Paralympic Track & Field – Long Jump Raleigh, NC N/A
Cameron Glasgow Track & Field – 400m Santa Maria, CA Cerritos, CA
Catherine Graham Team Handball Hanover, IN Opelika, AL
Brian Graham Wrestling Kansas City, MO Roseville, MN
Alex Grassi Field Hockey Brookeville, MD San Diego, CA
Mirielle Graves Judo Edwardsville, IL Colorado Springs, CO
Kimani Griffin Speedskating Winston Salem, NC Midvale, UT
Lindsay Grogan Paralympic Swimming Macon, GA Austin, TX
Tyson Gunter Paralympic Track & Field – Long Jump & High Jump McCammon, ID Pocatello, ID
Jenna Haag Curling Milton, WI Wauwatosa, WI
James Harris Jr. Track & Field – 400m & High Jump Lanett, AL Tallahassee, FL
Kevin Hensley Paralympic Soccer Memphis, TN Memphis, TN
Darrell Hill Track & Field – Shot Put Darby, PA State College, PA
Derick Hinch Track & Field – Pole Vault Auburn, CA San Diego, CA
Daniel Hoffman Paralympic Soccer Baltimore, MD Lawrence, KS
Austin Hollimon Track & Field – Hurdles Atlanta, GA Lenox – Atlanta, GA
Daryl Homer Fencing Bronx, NY N/A
Christopher Hoodye Paralympic Sitting Volleyball Downey, CA Oklahoma City, OK
Andras Horanyi Fencing Boulder, CO Colorado Springs, CO
Thomas Howell Curling Brick, NJ Wauwatosa, WI
James Hurt Track & Field – Steeplechase Bogart, GA Salt Lake City, UT
Isabella Isaksen Modern Pentathlon Fayetteville, AR Colorado Springs, CO
Candace Jackson Track & Field – 200m & 400m Dallas, TX Scottsdale, AZ
Jon Jones Track & Field – Shot Put Portville, NY Amherst, NY
Mahogany Jones Track & Field – 100m & 200m Cleveland, OH Phoenix, AZ
Kaleo Kanahele Paralympic Sitting Volleyball Oklahoma City, OK Oklahoma City, OK
Katelyn Kelly Bobsled Orchard Park, NY Midvale, UT
Joshua Kennison Paralympic Track & Field – 100m, 200m, Long Jump South Paris, ME Topsham, ME
Joshua Larney Track & Field – Long Jump Cleveland, OH Scottsdale, AZ
Christopher Lawson Track & Field – Hurdles Temecula, CA Cerritos, CA
Danell Leyva Gymnastics Miami, FL N/A
Chase Madison Track & Field – Discus Newton, IA Tuscasloosa, AL
J. Dee Marinko Paralympic Sitting Volleyball Guthrie, OK N. Oklahoma City, OK
Trevor Marsicano Speedskating Ballston Spa, NY Saratoga Springs, NY
Manuel Martinez Field Hockey Lakeside CA Arlington, TX
Elbert Maxwell Track & Field – Long Jump Pittsburgh, PA Glendale, AZ
Daniel McCoy Sled Hockey Cheswick, PA Pittsburgh Mills, PA
Daniel McDonnell Indoor Volleyball Glendale, AZ Huntington Beach, CA
Kaitlyn McElroy Kayak Bethel, ME Oklahoma City, OK
Jessica Medina Wrestling Pomona, CA Tempe, AZ
Desiree Miller Wheelchair Basketball Monroe, WA East Madison, WI
Asya Miller Paralympic Goalball Lapeer, MI Gresham, OR
Ibtihaj Muhammad Fencing Maplewood, NJ N/A
William Mullarkey Speedskating Salt Lake City, UT Salt Lake City, UT
Christopher Murphy Paralympic Cycling Rancho Cucamonga, CA Colorado Springs, CO
Amy Naber Rugby Tucson, AZ San Diego, CA
Nicole Nieves Paralympic Sitting Volleyball Kissimmee, FL Kissimmee, FL
Leah Nugent Track & Field – Hurdles Abington, PA Lexington, KY
Imani Oliver Track & Field – Triple Jump Brooklyn, NY Nashville, TN
Matthew Parker Weightlifting Garland, TX Colorado Springs, CO
Whitney Pavlik Beach Volleyball Laguna Beach, CA Laguna Hills, CA
Brett Perry Speedskating Midland, MI Midvale, UT
Elizabeth Podominick Track & Field – Discus Lakeville, MN El Cajon, CA
Jillion Potter Rugby Austin, TX N/A
Maya Pressley Track & Field – High Jump Ft. Lauderdale, FL Lenox – Atlanta, GA
Candice Price Track & Field – 100m Hurdles Ypsilanti, MI Ann Arbor, MI
David Prince Paralympic Track  & Field – 100m, 200m, 400m, 4x100m Marietta, GA Venice, FL
Chase Reichman Speedskating West Allis, WI Midvale, UT
Shealen Reno Cycling – BMX Dallas, TX Arlington, TX
Mason Rhodes Track & Field Glennville, Georgia El Cajon, CA
Keith Ricks Track & Field – 100m & 200m Suffolk, VA Findlay, OH
Monique Riddick Track & Field – Shot Put Edison, NJ East Brunswick, NJ
John Risch Track & Field – Race Walking Williamston, MI Grand Rapids, MI
Melanie Roach Weightlifting The Dalles, OR N/A
Ricky Robertson Track & Field – High Jump & Triple Jump Hernando, MS El Cajon, CA
Daniel Robertson Cycling Rolling Meadows, IL Colorado Springs, CO
Laura Ryan Diving Elk River, MN Athens, GA
Julia Salata Wrestling Canton, MI Colorado Springs, CO
Jonathan Sanford Track & Field – Long Jump Tampa, FL Nashville, TN
Kristen Santos Speedskating Fairfield, CT Salt Lake City, UT
Ian Satterfield Indoor Volleyball Manhattan Beach, CA El Segundo, CA
Nicole Saunders Track & Field – 400m Newport News, VA Newport News, VA
Carlijn Schoutens Speedskating Heemstede, Netherlands Midvale, UT
Jared Schuurmans Track & Field – Discus Norfolk, NE Nashville, TN
Donald Scott Track & Field – Triple Long Jump Orlando, FL Canton, MI
N’aithan Scott Track & Field – Hurdles Oxnard, CA Glendale, AZ
Erich Seals Track & Field – Hurdles Baton Rouge, LA Baton Rouge, LA
Allysa Seely Paralympic Triathlon Glendale, AZ Scottsdale, AZ
Claressa Shields Boxing Flint, MI N/A
Alexis Shifflett Paralympic Sitting Volleyball Waseca, MN N. Oklahoma City, OK
John Shuster Curling Chisholm, MN Duluth, MN
Parameet Singh Field Hockey  Simi Valley, CA Moorpark, CA
Jerome Singleton Jr. Paralympic Track & Field – 100m, 200m, 4x100m Greenwood, SC Dedham, MA
Kristin Smith Track & Field – Hammer Throw Marietta, GA El Cajon, CA
Kenneth Smith Jr. Track & Field – Hurdles & 400m Newport News, VA Newport News, VA
Morgan Snow Track & Field – Hurdles Decatur, GA Lenox, GA
Toby Stanley Diving Little Rock, AK Durham, NC
Shakur Stevenson Boxing Newark, NJ N/A
Kevin Stokes Paralympic Track & Field – Club Throw Roswell, GA Alpharetta, GA
Tyler Sundeen Field Hockey Simi Valley, CA Simi Valley, CA
Austin Surhoff Swimming Cockeysville, MD Tempe, AZ
Ajax Tadehara Judo Pocatello, ID Colorado Springs, CO
Jeremy Taiwo Track & Field – Decathlon & Heptathlon Renton, WA Renton, WA
Jerica Tandiman Speedskating Kearns, UT Midvale, UT
Vaafuti Tavana Indoor Volleyball Kjalaheo, HI Newport Beach, CA
Matthias Tayala Track & Field – Hammer Throw McDonald, OH Niles, OH
Ronald Taylor Track & Field – Long Jump San Diego, CA El Cajon, CA
Justin Terry Track & Field – 4x400m Relay & 400m Tallahassee, FL McDonough, GA
Kristen Thomas Rugby Philadelphia, PA El Cajon, CA
Sarah Thomas Track & Field – 100m & 200m Tallassee, AL Tuscaloosa, AL
Sugar Todd Speedskating Union, NE Salt Lake City, UT
Aaron Tran Speedskating Federal Way, WA Midvale, UT
Katarzyna Trzopek Fencing Pacifica, CA Daly City, CA
Samantha Tucker Paralympic Archery Gordon, NE Nampa, ID
Christopher Turori Rugby Valley Center, CA San Diego, CA
Marthell Vazquez Paralympic Soccer Long Beach, CA Cerritos, CA
Derrick Vicars Track & Field – Shot Put Genoa, OH Findlay, OH
Kerri Walsh Jennings Beach Volleyball Santa Clara, CA N/A
Justin Welch Track & Field – Hammer Throw Luckey, Ohio Holland, OH
Taylor Wheaton Track & Field – Hurdles Virginia Beach, VA Tallahassee, FL
Mitch Whitmore Speedskating Waukesha, WI Salt Lake City, UT
Troy Wilkerson Skeleton Norfolk, VA Virginia Beach, VA
Wesley Williams Paralympic Track & Field – Long Jump (Guide Runner) Visalia, CA San Diego, CA
Jocelyn Williams Track & Field – Hammer Throw Hamilton, NJ Lynchburg, VA
Kenna Wolter Track & Field – Triple Jump Santa Maria, CA Nashville, TN
Victoria Wood Diving Knoxville, TN Grafton, WI
Soo Yoo Speedskating Seoul, Korea Midvale, UT
Phillip Young Track & Field – Long Jump & Triple Jump Key West, FL Tallahassee, FL
Jerebelle Yutangco Speedskating Barrington, RI Midvale, UT
Bethany Zummo Paralympic Sitting Volleyball Dublin, CA N. Oklahoma City, OK