Reese’s Bites Into March With Fan Edition Peanut Butter Cups

via Reesse's Facebook Page
via Reese’s Facebook Page

In honor of March Madness, Reese’s created edible college basketball themed designs on their peanut butter cups. The Fan Edition Printed Cups, a new line of peanut butter cups with basketball designs printed on them.

“We are very excited to introduce this new printing technology for Reese’s college basketball fans, just in time for NCAA March Madness*,” said John Maitrejean, senior manager, Reese’s brand. “The basketball-related designs complement our role as the official candy partner of the NCAA and title sponsor of the Reese’s College All-Star Game. This is new and exciting territory for us and one that holds a lot of promise for our fans.”

There are 10 cup designs with imagery including jerseys, basketballs brackets and basketball terminology such as, “Double Team,” “Nothing But Net” and “Dual Threat.” The Fan Edition packaging will also feature the NCAA logo as well as a basketball player silhouette. (more)

Hershey’s is the official candy partner of the NCAA and the title sponsor of the National Association of Basketball Coaches’ Reese’s College All-Star Game. The company uses the Reese’s brand for both sponsorships.

These edible designs will go great with college-themed Jell-O, some Keurig college coffee, and a dozen College Rose Collection flowers. It’s a licensor’s dream come true.

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Good Sports: Team Citi’s Every Step of the Way

via Facebook
via Facebook

At this time last week, panic had spread among many of the 36 official Team USA sponsors.  TV ratings were in a freefall with a 12% decrease from the Vancouver Olympic Games and blame was placed on many factors, including broadcasting time differences and lackluster American performances.

Enter: the United States Men’s Hockey Team.  Thanks to its shootout victory over Russia on Saturday (day 8 of the Games), 2014 ratings have soared, surpassing Winter averages.  One game away from a guaranteed spot on the podium, Team USA hockey fans are excited; sponsors are relieved.

Olympic ad veterans Coca-Cola, McDonalds, P&G and VISA, have established themselves as familiar “Proud Partners of Team USA,” for decades.  Newcomers, like Chobani and DeVry University, however, temporarily feared they had risked a great deal in creativity, and even more in advertising dollars.  On the other hand, one relatively new sponsor remained positive and unfazed throughout disastrous rating scares.

Last month, Citi, the official retail bank partner of Team USA Winter Olympic and Paralympic Teams, unveiled the Every Step of the Way® program.  The national campaign features American athletes (qualifiers, hopefuls and legends), composing Team Citi, in advertising, special events, and promotions.  While the project is deeply infused with Citi’s brand messaging and banking products, it also encourages fan participation by giving individuals the ability to make a difference to a variety of non-profit organizations.

Along with Citi’s hefty sponsorship, the bank donated $500,000 to the United States Olympic Committee and wants fans to help allocate portions of the donation.  How?  Learn about each Team Citi athlete and the unique community sport programs that inspired their journey, and select an athlete/sport program of your choice to support with a simple click of the mouse.


Athletes of Team Citi 2014 (and their causes) include:

Citi’s 2014 campaign remains to stand out from the rest by getting people excited about the true spirit of the Olympic Games.  Despite commercialism, media hype, and even medal counts, Americans have been brought together through the simple act of giving back.

Check out the Every Step of the Way® program to get involved and follow Team Citi’s progress on Twitter and Facebook!

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Chobani’s Olympic Social Media Campaign Delivers Clear Message Through Twitter

Despite their yogurt being stuck in a freezer at Newark Airport, Chobani has successfully taken to Twitter to get their Olympics message to the masses. While other brands have come under scrutiny in recent weeks for their perceived liberal advertisements, Chobani has been front and center with their messaging. Check out some of their best tweets below.

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The Puppies are the Cutest Fan Experience of the Week


This was easily one of our favorite events of the week. In honor of the 10th anniversary of Puppy Bowl, Animal Planet brought the Puppy Bowl Experience to New York City.

Walk through the halls of Discovery Times Square and you escape into a world where puppies rule the world. Fans who entered the experience were able to walk through the Puppy Bowl Hall of Fame, watch dogs on a replica Puppy Bowl X field, play games in the tail-gate area, create customized dog tags, and get a doggie smooch at the kissing booth.

The interactive tail-gate area allowed for additional sponsor integrations including Bissell’s paper football toss, Geico’s sportsdesk, and Twizzlers’ ladder game.

Neither Animal Planet nor Puppy Bowl X are affiliated with the Super Bowl, so there was a lot of “big game” verbiage which is common among unofficial advertisers.

Puppy Bowl X returns to Animal Planet in a “championship battle for cuteness and barking rights.” This year, all six airings of Puppy Bowl X will surprise viewers with new fan interaction elements within the show. Complete with brand new features including interactive fan voting for this year’s MVP (Most Valuable Puppy) and an online Fantasy Puppy League available on, super fans will also be treated to live scoring updates and countdowns of the most memorable moments and players from the history of Puppy Bowl. Fans also have a chance to see themselves and their dogs on air by sharing Instgram photos of themselves watching Puppy Bowl X using #PuppyBowl.

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Super Bowl Sponsors Shower Fans With Giveaways at Super Bowl Media Day

Super Bowl Media Day Fueled by Gatorade was held earlier today at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ. Fans were given an opportunity to attend this year’s event and watch the hilarity of media day firsthand for approximately $30. As fans entered Prudential Center they were given a clear NFL-branded drawstring bag filled to capacity with giveaways from the NFL’s sponsors.

Promotional giveaways included:

  • Gatorade Prime Energy Chews
  • Tide Pods detergent
  • Gillette Clinical Endurance deodorant
  • A pack of SCORE NFL trading cards
  • Travel size Head & Shoulders Old Spice shampoo
  • Courtyard Marriott luggage tag
  • Old Spice body spray
  • phone case
  • Quacker Fruit & Nut Bar
  • Ruffles Crispy Frites
  • Pepsi Max and Pepsi Next aluminum cans
  • Super Bowl Media Day cinch bag
  • Coupon for one free small McCafe Coffee at McDonald’s
  • Puffs Plus Lotion pocket tissue pack
  • Media Day radio to listen to the players on the field
  • No Skittles.

    While the perimeter of the Prudential Center was closed to traffic, Dannon’s Oikos truck was also strategically parked between the Prudential Center and the indoor gateway to Newark Penn Station. Dannon was giving away free Oikos Greek Yogurt with blueberries.

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