Podcast of the Week: A Social Media Guide for Olympic Athletes

If you’ve spent any time following the sports business scene on Twitter or LinkedIn there are certain people that you can tell are very smart and forward-thinking professionals in the industry. Sean Callanan is one of those people. Sean has been running Sports Geek from Melbourne, Australia for several years. Sports Geek’s main areas of concentration are consulting, social media advertising and strategy, and athlete training.

Sean also leads the #SportsBizMelb community and organizes #SBWeek events in Melbourne and Sydney.

Sports Geek posted a new podcast this week discussing a social media strategy for Olympic athletes. 2016 is well underway which means the Summer Olympics in Rio are fast approaching. It’s important for athletes to develop a strategy for social media well in advance of setting foot in Brazil.

Policies discussed in this podcast include:

  • A social media policy for athletes in just four words
  • How social media can be a distraction and how to handle it
  • Why the Olympic movement is behind the curve on digital
  • What do social media platforms want from athletes?
  • What platforms will work best for athletes in Rio
  • What athletes need to know about privacy


Listen to the episode on Sports Geek’s website or subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Fails At April Fools’ Day With Tweet About The Badgers

Many politicians fall victim to less-than-funny April Fools’ Day jokes, but no one fell further today than Wisconsin Governor and likely Republican candidate for president, Scott Walker.

It took Walker two tweets to fail miserably. First was the tweet previewing a “big announcement.”


Then there was the actual “announcement.”

Does that mean he’s not really rooting for Wisconsin? As surprising and sarcastic as that sounds, Walker’s recent actions as Governor leave many asking that question more seriously then they’d like. In February, Walker’s budget proposal cut $300 million from the UW System, an unpopular move with many of Walker’s neighbors in Madison. The Wisconsin State Capitol is in Madison, Wisconsin, which is also the home of the University of Wisconsin. The men’s basketball team will play in the Final Four this weekend in Indianapolis.

Needless to say, the tweets came pouring in with disapproval.


Two For Tuesday: Twitter Conversations Fuels Competition Prior To March Madness

With March Madness starting tonight, it seems obvious that we would look at two examples of teams using social media to fuel the engagement before the tournament. We’re looking at two 7-10 matchups, both featuring teams from the Atlantic 10 and the Big Ten. For Davidson vs. Iowa the Twitter accounts for each school started chatting right after the bracket was released on Sunday night. With VCU vs. Ohio State, the school’s mascots, Rodney and Brutus, began throwing jabs at each other on Tuesday afternoon.

Davidson vs. Iowa

After the Selection Show, the University of Iowa’s Twitter account reached out to Davidson to double check that Steph Curry was no longer eligible and thus wouldn’t be playing during Thursday’s game. Curry is currently dominated the NBA and is one of the league’s youngest and brightest stars. He led Davidson to a famous deep run in the NCAA Tournament in 2008.

Something like this only works with two strong managers are monitoring the school’s social media accounts. Without two parties that want to dance (pun intended), this fun conversation would never have happened. This conversation isn’t even happening between the athletic departments but rather the main university accounts.

Here’s how the exchange went down… with a cameo from a very happy NBA team:

Then the Golden State Warriors chimed in!
Warriors Tweet

VCU vs. Ohio State
Mascots finally got a voice thanks to Twitter and they’ve never looked back. Earlier today, Rodney the Ram poked some fun at Brutus Buckeye who was an eager participant in a little Twitter throwdown. Social media has given mascots a whole new universe to communicate with fans. Before Facebook created pages, mascot profiles were fertile ground for mascots to communicate directly with fans. Twitter has taken over as the leading force behind mascot-human conversation and, more often than not, conversations between each other as well. In this conversation, Rodney is not impressed with Brutus’ mechanical bull riding skills, and makes the comparison between the bull and the ram. Brutus quickly responds that not only did he last 30 seconds, but he knows a thing or two about winning championships.

And then the PBR chimed in!

Not only are these two conversations great examples of successful interactions between universities on Twitter, but they are also great examples of relevant third party accounts (Warriors and PBR) jumping into the conversation, adding value, and increase the reach and readership of the tweets.

Fan Engagement Fuels Discussions in Kansas City This Week

Q1Sports2015Fan engagement is a hot topic in sports business. Perhaps it should not be a surprise that on the eve of the Q1Sports Fan Engagement Conference the New York Times published an article titled Every Second Counts in Bid to Keep Sports Fans on fan engagement and retention. In an age of almost unlimited sports to choose from and unlimited options vying for consumers attention and disposable income, it’s important to understand the value of not only creating new fans but engaging with current fans too.

After all, professional sports wouldn’t exist without the fans.

The Q1 Sports Fan Engagement Forum kicks back up tomorrow for it’s second year in Kansas City. Those unable to attend to the two day conference can follow along on Twitter with the hashtag #q1sfe15. Conference panelist Lauren Tee has also compiled a Twitter list of attendees to make following the conference easier.

Below are a few key stats compiled by Q1Sports from last year’s inaugural conference:


Follow all the discussions throughout the forum with @TSBX, @Q1Sports, and #q1sfe15.


Hawks Now 3-0 During #HawksFanTakeover

The Atlanta Hawks held their third #HawksFanTakeover last night as the Hawks defeated the Miami Heat 93-91. The Hawks won their first #HawksFanTakeover on Nov. 25 when Atlanta beat the Washington Wizards. The  Hawks then defeated the Celtics on Jan. 14 when the hashtag trended nationally. During #HawksFanTakeover, the Hawks account can only retweet fan tweets through the duration of the game.


-Users-joshua.duboff-Desktop-Screnshots- 2015-03-01 at 5.04.19 PM

The Hawks have been the toast of the NBA this season not just on the court, but on social media as well. They’ve used social media to engage with fans throughout the season through various promotions and platforms including Twitter, Vine, Facebook, Tinder, and Spotify.

Earlier this year, the Hawks added a W to their Twitter handle with each win during their win streak. They also had a #SwipeRight Night for single Hawks fans looking to mingle, and thanked their fans through a playlist on Spotify.

This fan paid homage to two promotions at once: