Hyundai Signs Four-Year Deal With the NFL, Replaces GM as Become Official Automotive Sponsor

Hyundai NFL 562x325
In its latest sports marketing venture, Hyundai is now an official automotive sponsor of the National Football League. The NFL has the largest and most avid fan base among U.S. sports, and Hyundai will soon connect this passion with the enthusiasm Hyundai owners have for their vehicles.

“We are huge football fans at Hyundai and feel there is no better venue to reach consumers, increase consideration and tell the Hyundai brand story,” said Dave Zuchowski, president and CEO, Hyundai Motor America. “We can’t wait to show the NFL’s 188 million fans the great design, advanced technologies, dynamic performance and numerous safety features within the Hyundai lineup. The NFL and Hyundai also share a commitment to helping the communities where we do business, another important aspect of our sponsorship.”

Hyundai NFL 300x293 As part of the new sponsorship, Hyundai will have use of NFL trademarks across various marketing channels, including branded content, advertising and promotional materials. The NFL has become a year-round sport and Hyundai will have access to some of the biggest events on the calendar, such as the Super Bowl, NFL Combine, NFL Draft, NFL Kickoff and NFL Playoffs. Hyundai will also provide promotional vehicles at the Super Bowl and other events throughout the year.

“We are pleased to welcome Hyundai to our family of sponsors,” said Renie Anderson, the NFL’s senior vice president of sponsorship. “We appreciate Hyundai’s enthusiasm as we work together to reach our fans with innovative programs during our season and with our major calendar events throughout the year.”

As NFL fans everywhere celebrate the start of the new season, Hyundai will launch its activation with a major presence during NFL Kickoff activities on Sept. 10.

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Avocados From Mexico Plans Large Presence On Social Media During Super Bowl With #FirstDraftEver

AVO_logo_stacked_080513Avocados From Mexico and GSD&M have teamed up for the “First Draft Ever” ad airing during the 1st quarter. In the spot, Mexico ultimately drafts the avocado highlighting how Mexico’s climate and volcanic soil makes it the ideal locale for growing perfect, smooth avocados all year long. The ad is meant to serve as a catalyst for the innovative marketing and trade initiatives which focus on inspiring people to buy more and eat more avocados by reinforcing year round availability and the highest quality fruit. Featuring two well-known commentators Doug Flutie and Jerry Rice (who is also starring in the Mercedes Benz commercials), the effort plays on the annual NFL draft – a majestic commissioner presides as countries choose plants and animals that will grow and thrive there. The spot attempts to bring to life a jovial correlation between drafting players in sports and drafting quality product when it comes to avocados. Guacamole is undoubtedly a popular snack for consumers on game day, and the TV ad represents the versatility, popularity and high quality of the fruit and brand.


Avocados From Mexico will be the first fresh produce brand ever to advertise during the Super Bowl.

On game day, the approach is for Avocados From Mexico to dominate real-time social media engagement and promotion around the ad in collaboration with their agencies in order to extend the momentum while engaging with their fans. GSD&M is setting up shop on the night of in a specially-designed “social war room” in Dallas. Additionally, a full-fledged digital campaign will launch following the spot premiere that includes a site experience and features seven online videos on YouTubeFacebook and Twitter around a big consumer promotion that will unfold throughout the rest of the night and lead into the following day. Avocados from Mexico will award prizes to Twitter users who engage with the video and social content pushed out following the spot. Users who share or retweet posts about Mexico’s various “draft picks” that take place throughout the evening will be entered to win various prizes related to Mexican origin.

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LaDainian Tomlinson

Chip Kelly and LaDainian Tomlinson Join Fans at Tostitos Party Blvd

LaDainian TomlinsonLast time we saw Chip Kelly, he was starring in a series of commercials debating whether he or Tostitos was the “official chip of the NFL.” Chip appears to have put the debate aside and has joined LaDainian Tomlinson at Tostitos Party Blvd at Super Bowl XLIX.

“Tostitos Party Blvd.” spans two city blocks, complete with Tostitos chips and dips for fans to enjoy. Fans could also test their speed, agility, and humility as they tackle a variety of backyard party games, including:

  • Slingshot Blitz: A party game favorite reimagined as an arcade-style experience complete with surprising special effects.
  • Double Dipper Dunk: A twist on the classic dunk tank, this game invites participants to hit a target opposite them with a football, which results in being “dunked” into a massive bowl of Tostitos dip.
  • Mega-Mecha Cornhole: A tailgating favorite in parking lots and college campus across the country.

“All season long, we’ve challenged Tostitos fans to show us their party awesomeness – from the videos they’ve posted online, to our in-stadium tailgates throughout the season. Our fans proved time and again, they have what it takes to party like pros,” said Jeff Klein, vice president of marketing, Frito-Lay, North America. “With Tostitos Party Blvd. we’re wrapping up this NFL season with one final party for the ages – complete with awesome fans, over-the-top games, delicious snacks and two NFL greats to kick off the festivities. We can’t wait to see what our fans bring to Phoenix this week – game on.”


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Thanks To Skittles, Marshawn Lynch Finally Talks To The Media

Skittles might be the happiest company that the Green Bay’s Brandon Bostick mishandled the on-side kick, otherwise their entire promotion would look very different.

After years of avoiding the media and proclaiming his love for Skittles, Marshawn Lynch finally sat down for a press conference at the Super Bowl.

Lynch was asked a series of hard-hitting questions including “would you ever want to hang out with a talking rainbow?” and “do you prefer watching cat videos or dog videos online?” For what it’s worth, Marshawn prefers cat videos.

Lynch’s involvement with Skittles dates back to January with a campaign celebrating the Seahawks. Skittles and Lynch also teamed up for Lynch’s Fam 1st Family Foundation and a preseason workout video.

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Chip Kelly Shines As New Tostitos Spokesman

Tostitos recently became the Official Chip of the NFL and there’s a certain head coach in Philadelphia who is not too pleased with the news. In a new series of :15 vignettes, Chip Kelly takes on Tostitos in a battle for “Official Chip.”

Philadelphia punter Donnie Jones and tight end Zach Ertz make cameo appearances in the vignettes.

Below is a series of behind the scenes pictures from Chip Kelly’s photo shoot with Tostitos.

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Tostitos is calling on fans to watch all of the video shorts and share their favorite using #OfficialChip. The choice of the #OfficialChip hashtag is an interesting one as @OfficialChip is the Twitter handle of Chipmunk, a rapper in London.

Check all ten of the video shorts below:

The digital series will, according to Tostitos, “culminate with a larger than life footprint at Super Bowl Central.” According to MediaPost, Tostitos will be included in Frito-Lay’s activation spanning two city block.

Tostitos will be using social to promote the videos during the Super Bowl festivities. The Frito-Lay brand will also be taking over two city blocks, dubbed “Tostitos Party Blvd.,” in the downtown Phoenix area that has been designated Super Bowl Central.”

During Super Bowl Week, check out TSBX’s Super Bowl XLIX Pinterest Board for photos from throughout Phoenix and Super Bowl Central.


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