Hyundai Signs Four-Year Deal With the NFL, Replaces GM as Become Official Automotive Sponsor

Hyundai NFL 562x325
In its latest sports marketing venture, Hyundai is now an official automotive sponsor of the National Football League. The NFL has the largest and most avid fan base among U.S. sports, and Hyundai will soon connect this passion with the enthusiasm Hyundai owners have for their vehicles.

“We are huge football fans at Hyundai and feel there is no better venue to reach consumers, increase consideration and tell the Hyundai brand story,” said Dave Zuchowski, president and CEO, Hyundai Motor America. “We can’t wait to show the NFL’s 188 million fans the great design, advanced technologies, dynamic performance and numerous safety features within the Hyundai lineup. The NFL and Hyundai also share a commitment to helping the communities where we do business, another important aspect of our sponsorship.”

Hyundai NFL 300x293 As part of the new sponsorship, Hyundai will have use of NFL trademarks across various marketing channels, including branded content, advertising and promotional materials. The NFL has become a year-round sport and Hyundai will have access to some of the biggest events on the calendar, such as the Super Bowl, NFL Combine, NFL Draft, NFL Kickoff and NFL Playoffs. Hyundai will also provide promotional vehicles at the Super Bowl and other events throughout the year.

“We are pleased to welcome Hyundai to our family of sponsors,” said Renie Anderson, the NFL’s senior vice president of sponsorship. “We appreciate Hyundai’s enthusiasm as we work together to reach our fans with innovative programs during our season and with our major calendar events throughout the year.”

As NFL fans everywhere celebrate the start of the new season, Hyundai will launch its activation with a major presence during NFL Kickoff activities on Sept. 10.

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Stadia Ventures Launches Accelerator That Expects to Invest $10M in Sports Startups


Stadia Ventures, the Sports Innovation Hub, announced its plan to launch Stadia Accelerator, a business development accelerator for sports-related startups. Stadia Accelerator expects to invest $10M over the next five years to help sports startups get to the next level through the combination of up to $100,000 in equity investment, intensive mentoring, and connections to the top sports business executives in the country.

Stadia Accelerator will be a 10-week business development program held twice a year in St. Louis, Missouri. Each program is expected to feature a cohort of five companies, with each company receiving an equity investment of up to $100K and committing to attend a targeted curriculum in St Louis each Thursday-Friday of the program (founders fly in Thurs AM and depart Fri PM). Portfolio companies will be matched with mentors and advisors with specific experience in their focused areas for growth.

Stadia Accelerator is now accepting applications for the first class, which begins on September 10, 2015. Interested start-ups should visit:

Stadia Accelerator targets sports-related companies with proven product and sales in any of the following categories: Software/Apps, Big Data, Equipment, Apparel, Fantasy, Gaming, Nutrition, and Training. “ We are a business development accelerator”, says Stadia Ventures co-founder and Managing Director Tim Hayden. “We target companies with existing sales who can leverage our experience and connections to increase their company’s value. Our strength is our mentors and advisors, who represent a “who’s who” of senior executives from the team and corporate side of the sports industry.”

Stadia Ventures co-founder and Managing Director Art Chou states “Stadia Ventures is designed to create an ecosystem for three parties: sports entrepreneurs, sports executives, and sports investors. These groups are all focused on sports innovation, but currently there is no structure that connects them. Programs like Stadia Accelerator provide each stakeholder a network that is built around the pipeline of sports innovation.”

Stadia Ventures is a business development company in St. Louis, Missouri focused on innovation in the sports industry. Their services include start-up funding & mentoring, industry consulting, and investor education. For more information visit:

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Infographic: Wage Inequality in America

Wage inequality is not unique to sports; it’s a nationwide epidemic across all industries. That’s why, even though it’s not directly related to sports, we’re sharing with you this infographic created by Britney Fong. The original infographic was posted on BFong Data.

Brittany Fong looks at the wage gap between the genders in different employment categories across the US. Use the drop down menu to change the location. Hover over the “information” icon in the top left-hand corner for more usage information.

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KAEO Startups: StadiumPark

The KAEO Startups series features entrepreneurs and the businesses they are creating in the sports industry. Click here or the logo to see of all previously featured startups.
StadiumPark Logo (1)

KAEO The Details:

Name: StadiumPark
Launched: January 2015
Founder: Jeremy Crane
Concept: Mobile payment app for stadium, arena and other venue parking.
Twitter: @stadiumparkapp

Stadium parking can be a nightmare. When multiple venues share the same parking facilities, game nights can be problematic when multiple teams play at the same time. Even for single team venues, parking can be a logistical nightmare. Fans who drive to a game have come to expect long lines just to pay to park. While some newer stadiums are built with better access to public transportation, driving is still the most common method of transportation for most venues.

The process for parking at venues is broken. Long parking lines and the cash-only payment system which is common at most venues cause several major problems. Most importantly, fans become disgruntled with their first point of contact with a venue. For the venue, fans who are waiting in line in their cars are not in the stadium buying merchandise and concessions. Additionally, many venues only accept cash as payment for parking making it the only place throughout the gameday experience where cash is necessary. No one benefits from long lines just to pay an attendant in cash.

Jeremy Crane seeks to alleviate parking problems with StadiumPark. StadiumPark is a mobile app that allows parking attendants to accept cash-less payments through a simple QR code. Using a designated parking line drivers can scan a code and pay for parking simply by opening the StadiumPark app. It’s similar to EzPass or SunPass but for parking.

StadiumPark is a free service for the venue. The app collects a small fee from each customer transaction.
iphone dualThe idea for StadiumPark came to Jeremy while working at a mobile parking payments startup focused on municipality meter payments.  He realized there was a significant need for mobile parking payments in the stadium, arena and event business. The first developments of the StadiumPark app began to come together earlier this year in the middle of the NHL hockey season.

During the last few months of the season, Jeremy was able to test StadiumPark for Buffalo Sabres games at First Niagara Center. While drivers initially had to be trained to use StadiumPark, frequent visitors to First Niagara became familiar with StadiumPark and expected to see StadiumPark at their parking lot. After the initial success in Buffalo, as well as a successful event at the Citrus Bowl, Jeremy is now raising capital with the interest of growing StadiumPark rapidly on a national scale. Jeremy’s vision is that fans will be able to pay for parking with StadiumPark at any venue. “StadiumPark is gaining substantial interest from stadiums, arenas and other venues throughout the United States.  As the organization continues to grow, we look forward to providing great benefits to sports fans and venues alike.”

To learn more visit

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Time Inc. Acquires FanSided

Fansided-logoSports Illustrated and FanSided jointly announced today that Time Inc. has acquired the sports and entertainment network, including its 300+ sports websites and more than 1,500 contributors.
Talking New Media profiled the changing landscape of legacy media companies and what the acquisition means for both Sports Illustrated and Fansided.
In researching the acquisition, we came across this fun story about how the Cleveland Indians threatened to cancel their Sports Illustrated subscription after the magazine’s season preview edition picked the Indians to win the World Series. Cleveland was in last place in the American League’s Central Division standings at the time. Naturally, the article was posted on FanSided.
Sports Illustrated posted the press release. FanSided Founders Adam and Zach Best also shared their thoughts in a blog post on FanSided. “We want to thank you for allowing us to go from being a bootstrapped company run by two brothers to one of Time’s iconic brands.”

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