Fan Engagement Fuels Discussions in Kansas City This Week

Q1Sports2015Fan engagement is a hot topic in sports business. Perhaps it should not be a surprise that on the eve of the Q1Sports Fan Engagement Conference the New York Times published an article titled Every Second Counts in Bid to Keep Sports Fans on fan engagement and retention. In an age of almost unlimited sports to choose from and unlimited options vying for consumers attention and disposable income, it’s important to understand the value of not only creating new fans but engaging with current fans too.

After all, professional sports wouldn’t exist without the fans.

The Q1 Sports Fan Engagement Forum kicks back up tomorrow for it’s second year in Kansas City. Those unable to attend to the two day conference can follow along on Twitter with the hashtag #q1sfe15. Conference panelist Lauren Tee has also compiled a Twitter list of attendees to make following the conference easier.

Below are a few key stats compiled by Q1Sports from last year’s inaugural conference:


Follow all the discussions throughout the forum with @TSBX, @Q1Sports, and #q1sfe15.

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Hawks Now 3-0 During #HawksFanTakeover

The Atlanta Hawks held their third #HawksFanTakeover last night as the Hawks defeated the Miami Heat 93-91. The Hawks won their first #HawksFanTakeover on Nov. 25 when Atlanta beat the Washington Wizards. The  Hawks then defeated the Celtics on Jan. 14 when the hashtag trended nationally. During #HawksFanTakeover, the Hawks account can only retweet fan tweets through the duration of the game.


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The Hawks have been the toast of the NBA this season not just on the court, but on social media as well. They’ve used social media to engage with fans throughout the season through various promotions and platforms including Twitter, Vine, Facebook, Tinder, and Spotify.

Earlier this year, the Hawks added a W to their Twitter handle with each win during their win streak. They also had a #SwipeRight Night for single Hawks fans looking to mingle, and thanked their fans through a playlist on Spotify.

This fan paid homage to two promotions at once:

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Five #SportsBiz Events Not To Miss This March and April

The six weeks span between late February and early April is a great time for sports fans in America. While many are still in a post-Super Bowl daze, the Daytona 500 kicks off a series of exciting sports events for fans to enjoy. Not only is the NCAA Tournament around the corner, but the NBA and NHL playoffs are looming and the start of the MLB season is all but here as well.

The same six weeks is a great time to for sports business professionals. As the spring approaches, there are several career building events happening across North America for industry professionals to attend, network with other people in the industry, and maybe even learn a thing or two. Just a few days before March arrives, the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, which starts tomorrow, Feb. 27, will be the first major sports business event of the season. While the list below is just for March and April, the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference bookends our list with #SBWeek on the other end (more on that later).

Without further adieu, below are five worthwhile events for sports business professionals to consider attending this March and April:


Q1Sports2015Q1Sports Fan Engagement Forum – March 2-3, 2015

The Q1Sports Fan Engagement Forum, in Kansas City early next week, will bring together marketing teams from the sports industry to discuss and debate exciting initiatives taking shape that engage and connect fans. The forum will cover the entire spectrum of engaging fans, from pre-season and pre-game campaigning that drive ticket sales, to the game-day experience, and marketing initiatives that elevate the experience on-the-day, to post-season marketing, including measuring results and connecting with fans during the off-season. Tracked sessions will dive into high-level digital marketing strategies and techniques, best practices for leveraging sponsorship and branding partnerships and overall, building life-long relationships with a diverse and growing fan base. TSBX will be in attendance as Joshua Duboff will be a panelist discussing social media engagement during the first afternoon of tracked sessions.


1909224_992669524096567_5120244670763535893_oThe 4th Annual Sports Industry Conference – March 6, 2015

The Sports Industry Conference at the University of Toronto is the largest-run student sports business conference in Canada (and only a short hop from the U.S. too!). The conference provides students and delegates with a day full of resourceful networking sessions and a program that features a roster of industry professionals and leaders. The theme of SIC2015 is “Shaping The Future Of Sport” and promises to be an exciting opportunity for delegates to gain information on careers in the industry and establish valuable connections with industry professionals. Registration is still available and can be purchased online.


IEG2015IEG 2015 – March 15-18, 2015

The IEG Conference in Chicago is the only event that covers the entire spectrum of partnerships: sports, entertainment, events, arts, causes, government and associations. Attendees will come away smarter, more connected, better able to tackle partnership challenges and equipped to answer the tough questions from senior leadership, partners and clients. Sponsorship Makers, IEG’s 32nd annual conference, blueprints the infinite opportunities that exist to use your partnerships to broader effect, generating new assets that return financial, social and cultural capital.


Sports TankTPG’s Sports Tank – March 26, 2015

TPG Sports Group has assembled a collection of highly reputable investors that are ready to hear pitches at the inaugural Sports Tank in Charlotte, NC on March 26, 2015. Entrepreneurs are invited to apply to Sports Tank and, if accepted, pitch their idea to a panel of investors and some of the best executives in the sports industry. The panel will listen, ask questions, and decide if they want to invest. In addition to the group of investors, there will be a collection of sports industry executives and media on hand to form an advisory panel. This is an opportunity to provide your company with the exposure it deserves.


sbweek15#SBWeek – April 13-17, 2015

#SBWeek is back for 2015, with networking events taking place in 30+ cities around the world from April 13 to April 17, 2015. Cities include New York, Boston, Chicago, Seattle, Sao Paulo, Toronto, and Mumbai with more cities being added every day. Come out and network with other sports business professionals that work or live in your area. All backgrounds are welcome, from those just starting out to industry veterans. The format of the evening is very casual – three hours of open networking over drinks with your industry peers. 100% of the money raises will go to The V Foundation for Cancer Research.

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Join Sports Business Professionals Around the World at #SBWeek 2015

sbweek15#SBWeek is back for 2015, with networking events taking place around the world from April 13 to April 17, 2015. Check back often for new cities as they confirm participation and tickets go on sale. 100% of the money raises will go to The V Foundation for Cancer Research.

Come out and network with other sports business professionals that work or live in your area. All backgrounds are welcome, from those just starting out to industry veterans. The format of the evening is very casual – three hours of open networking over drinks with your industry peers.

Find your city and join us between April 13 to 18!

We’ll be opening up registration in more cities every day so check back frequently. If you’d like to be notified when registration for your city has opened, simply fill out the your email address and city below.

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The Largest Student-Run Sports Business Conference In Canada Prepares For 2015 Event On March 6

99% of sports fans have felt like they could run the front office (not a real statistic, but I’m sure almost all sports fans have thought: “Why didn’t we do this?” or the classic “I called it!”).

But working for a sports team, or working in sports at all, is a long, arduous road. The sports industry is extremely small, with demand far outweighing the supply. Among others, this is one of the reasons why the sports industry is seen as a distant option for many students. To become the next Billy Beane, extreme dedication and a passion for your craft is necessary. But because of events like the Sports Industry Conference at the University of Toronto, this option becomes one step closer.

1239660_799175070112681_679305523_nLast year, the Sports Industry Conference became the largest student-run sports business conference in Canada. And it didn’t just become so large by accident – people were drawn by the calibre of speakers, the reputation that it had amassed, and because it was offering something special.

But the whole point of a conference isn’t to have famous people, it’s to educate and entertain the people who come to visit. Nobody wants to sit through a speaker advertise their company, or to watch somebody speak about how great their company is. The content is what educates delegates, and the Sports Industry Conference’s main goal is to deliver on this.

This year, SIC2015 will be hosted at the Rotman School of Management, on March 6, 2015. There will be four panels covering sponsorship, broadcasting/journalism, analytics, and marketing.

Already, the panels are shaping up to be the best ever. With speakers such as Keith DeGrace (VP Marketing, Red Bull), Jason Rosenfeld (Director of Basketball Analytics, NBA), Scott Moore (President, Sportsnet), and James Mirtle, top names in the industry will be making an appearance. It promises to be a great time.

MORE: Watch Michael Landsberg’s Keynote Address at the 2014 Sports Industry Conference.

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