The Sports Business Exchange Fall 2010 Issue

The Sports Business Exchange has released a special college athletics edition for the Fall 2010 issue. All articles have been written by young sports business professionals working in college athletics.

Topics in the Fall 2010 Issue:

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The Other Northeast Football Conference
By Joshua Duboff, Founder of TSBX
Duboff looks at the CAA Football conference and examines whether or not it is sustainable as a conference amidst realignment.

An Evolving Multimedia Rights Landscape
By Chris Stearns
Stearns looks at the evolving landscape of multimedia rights in college athletics. He takes a look at both the big news from the summer along with the evolving inventory and how clients are leveraging their partnerships.

Brand Relevance at the NCAA Division I Level From A Mid-Major’s Perspective
By Dan Heck
Heck discusses brand relevance at the NCAA Division I level from the perspective of a mid-major school, Central Michigan University.

Collegiate Sports Information: More Than Just Building Buzz
By Chevonne Mansfield
Mansfield provides a summary of the sports information field, the role of a Sports Information Director, and how it varies across the NCAA.

The Influence of the Bowl Championship Series on Competitive Balance in College Football
Dr. Stephen W. Dittmore and Craig M. Crow
A Special from The Journal of Sport Administration & Supervision

The purpose of this study was to assess whether competitive balance within the six founding Bowl Championship Series (BCS) conferences has improved since the implementation of the BCS.