KAEO Startups

KAEO is a common abbreviation in recruiting blogs as a way for fans to keep track of high school athletes who may be joining their favorite college team in the next few years. Often these recruits are full of potential, but until they step onto campus, put on a jersey, and perform during their first game, fans are left to wonder if the athlete has the potential to make it in the next level.

The “Keep An Eye On” Startup series examines companies just starting out in the sports industry.

Entrepreneurs at any level and in any industry face an uphill battle in making their new venture a success. Eight out of ten entrepreneurs fail within the first five years. Because of the passion associated with sports, many entrepreneurs attempt to launch successful companies in the sports industry. Sports offers entrepreneurs not only with an arena to earn a living, but to enjoy their work everyday.

Below is a list of all previously featured companies as part of the KAEO Startup series. While some of these startups no longer exist, others have flourished and are profitable businesses in the sports industry. While the direction of some companies have changed over the years, the articles have remained unedited since original production.

If you’d like to nominate a company or yourself for the KAEO Startups series, please contact us.


KAEO Startups: Crowd Seats
Justin Cener is hoping to bring the success of group buying sites to sports tickets. Justin Cener is the founder of Crowd Seats, a daily deals website for tickets to sporting events. Customers benefit because of the deep discounts offered through the Crowd Seats website.

KAEO Startups: Massachusetts Soldiers Legacy Fund
The Massachusetts Soldiers Legacy Fund (MSLF) was founded in 2004 with a simple goal: to provide educational assistance grants to the children of Massachusetts Servicemembers who were killed while deployed on Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom.

KAEO Startups: OneBasketball
It often feels like you can find an app for anything these days. Whether it’s where the cleanest and nearest public bathroom is located (thank you Charmin), or when the doughnuts are fresh out of the oven (thank you Krispy Kreme), the Apple App Store is thriving with variety. However, when it comes to high intensity basketball drills, the App Store is almost baron of resources. Four friends from Baruch College have set out to fill the gap.

KAEO Startups: numberFire
numberFire is a fantasy sports analytics platform. numberFire uses an algorithm based on similar scenarios to determine the future success of any player at any position. numberFire uses data mining and cloud computing as the basis for the algorithms. Nik Bonaddio developed the algorithm while playing fantasy football with a group of college friends.

KAEO Startups: TweetStarGame
TweetStarGame is a social measuring database that calculates athletes’ social influence based on their interactions on social sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

KAEO Startups: Victus Advisors
Victus Advisors, a consultancy providing market research and financial advisory for sports franchises, athletic departments, venues and events, is the brain child of founder Brian Connolly. Launched just two months ago, Brian Connolly has already learned a lot from his new venture and expects to grow Victus Advisors into a well-respected independent advisory firm.

KAEO Startups: TheHockeyNetwork.com
TheHockeyNetwork.com is a social media network for hockey players, parents, and fans of the game. The website offers forums for user to connect, league and rink information, equipment reviews, junior league information, recruiting tools, a points-based deals platform, and general banter around the game of hockey. It is one part Twitter, two parts Facebook, a little bit of Yelp, and a topping of Groupon.

KAEO Startups: Chat Sports
Chat Sports curates up-to-the-minute content from national and local news organizations and thousands of sports blogs into one concise location. The website provides a customized and comprehensive sports page for each user.

KAEO Startups: StatMilk
StatMilk is a sports analytics platform that enables users to quickly segment sports data, presenting relevant statistics to analyze and compare teams and players in college football and the NFL.

KAEO Startups: LockerDome
LockerDome is unlike any other sports social networking platform. LockerDome is a digital media hub for sports fans. The rapidly-growing platform includes pages for celebrity athletes, media personalities, media companies, brands, pro teams, and youth sports teams.

KAEO Startups: Pass It Forward
Paying it forward. It’s a concept we are often taught from a young age about helping others before yourself and doing good even if there’s no immediate personal reward. Pass It Forward has extended this idea to soccer.

KAEO Startups: Sqor
Sqor combines the latest from social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, sports news sites such as Sporting News and ESPN, and video, photo and original athlete produced content, all in a highly visual, deeply engaging, personalized experience.

KAEO Startups: Gigawatt
Gigawatt is a student-direct approach whereas student ambassadors for various athletic and non-athletic departments will be able to use Gigawatt’s platform for specific causes such as a club team’s travel expenses to go to nationals or a fraternity’s charity fund for the annual dance marathon.

KAEO Startups: Cibos
The goal of Cibos is to show fans what was happening during the game when a tweet was sent. The timestamp, which Cibos has dubbed a “GameStamp,” includes vital information about the game including the score and time remaining; clicking the GameStamp provides more detail statistics.

KAEO Startups: Rivalry Races
Rivalry Races offers a fresh take on 10Ks and 5Ks as their races combine the popularity of college football with running in a team-style format.

FANCHEST offers a new fan experience delivered to your doorstep. FANCHEST delivers a box of exclusive team sports merchandise to fans that crave to be more closely aligned with their favorite teams. It combines the successful subscription box model (like BarkBox, NatureBox) with the option of a one-time purchase/gift.

KAEO Startups: The Mobile Locker Co.
The Mobile Locker Co. works just like it sounds: the runner receives a dedicated locker with a key/padlock that only she has access to until the end of the race event. All of the lockers are stored on a big truck which makes moving the lockers from event to event more seamless.

KAEO Startups: StadiumPark
StadiumPark is a mobile app that allows parking attendants to accept cash-less payments through a simple QR code. Using a designated parking line drivers can scan a code and pay for parking simply by opening the StadiumPark app.