Social Stats For MLB Fan Cave Dwellers: WBC Edition – Pre Tournament

This is something we’re going to look at quite frequently throughout the 18-day World Baseball Classic. Sixteen fans have been chosen to represent their countries at the MLB Fan Cave: World Baseball Classic Edition.
MLB Fan Cave WBC logo
Earlier today, the 16 new “Cave Dwellers” were introduced at the MLB Fan Cave. Driving fan engagement and excitement are two of the key initiatives of the MLB Fan Cave and the dwellers wasted no time getting right to it.



The 16 Cave Dwellers don’t have much of a following on Twitter, but the numbers will increase as the publicity picks up and the tournament gets underway. We’re going to track their progress and see just how successful they are at gaining new followers throughout the Classic. A complete list of all 16 Cave Dwellers is available below as well as on TSBX’s Twitter account.

As of February 27, 2013 at about 1pm ET, Team USA’s @Kelseyshea11 leads all dwellers with 545 followers.

Country Cave Dweller Handle Followers

Nic Connell @NicConnell1 64

Pedro Carvalho @pedrogiants 126

Daryl Andrews @DarylmAndrews 260

Yuning (Vivian) Wang @homerunvv 9

Chinese Taipei
Chi-En (Adam) Wang @adamp3 192

Damaso Rosales @RosalesDamaso 22

Dominican Republic
Juan Sarmiento @juansarmiento 257

Pierluigi Mandoi @Pi_Mandoi 93

Kozo (Toshi) Sasa @toshi_sasa 21

Soo Yeon Seo @_doublesy 123

Mariana Patraca Dibildox @mapadix 131

Julia Bol @JulesUnlimited 265

Puerto Rico
Raul Rivera @787_raul 15

Josep Juaneda Josa @Pepao10 73

United States
Kelsey Shea @Kelseyshea11 545

Tibaldo Hernandez @tibaldoh 32

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