Photos: 2012 Gatorade NFL Limited Edition Bottles

Updated 8/29 12pm ET: We’re now up to 28 team bottles! The Cincinnati Bengals are the newest additions.

We got your bottles right here! Well, not all of them but we’re working on it.

As reported earlier, Gatorade is releasing Limited Edition bottles for all 32 NFL teams. Right now we have bottles for 18 teams. We’ll keep updating this page as more Gatorade bottles become available and pop up on Twitter. If you see a bottle that isn’t included in the slideshow below, please leave a URL in the comments below.

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27 thoughts on “Photos: 2012 Gatorade NFL Limited Edition Bottles

  1. Wow, team specific, colored sugar water! Jerry Jones says: “Gotta get me some dat glory water!”

  2. This is a excellent marketing strategy However I don’t think it was clearly thought out Why would you limit your merchandise to only support local regions without allowing the customer to purchase products onlin I am a die hard Pittsburgh Steeler fan and no matter what state I go to I see Pittsburgh Steeler fans in abundance so don’t you think it would be beneficial for fans in other states to purchase the product as well? So maybe offering this product online would not be such a bad idea afterall.

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