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KAEO Startups: OneBasketball

by TSBX | February 27th, 2012

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The KAEO Startups series features young entrepreneurs and the businesses they are creating in the sports industry. Click the logo for a list of all startups featured.

Published: February 2012

KAEO The Details:
Founded: 2011
Founders: Mickey Abbatiello, Mike Dietz, Tammer Farid, Joseph Cafarelli
Concept: Basketball video training drills iphone and ipad app.
Twitter: @OneBasketball
Email: Email One Basketball

It often feels like you can find an app for anything these days. Whether it’s where the cleanest and nearest public bathroom is located (thank you Charmin), or when the doughnuts are fresh out of the oven (thank you Krispy Kreme), the Apple App Store is thriving with variety. However, when it comes to high intensity basketball drills, the App Store is almost baron of resources. Four friends from Baruch College have set out to fill the gap.

In December 2011, Mickey Abbatiello, Mike Dietz, Tammer Farid, Joseph Cafarelli, launched OneBasketball, a set of instructional basketball video drills for the iphone and ipad. Their tagline is “One Ball. One Basket. One Dream.” as all drills can be done by one person, with one ball, and one basket. The app contains video drill instructions, four levels of difficulty, a shot tracker to keep track of performance, and a stretching instruction video. OneBasketballs target demographic is Teens 12-17 who want to work on their skills outside of practice. The app sells for $4.99 on the Apple App Store.

The idea for OneBasketball came about thanks to the founders’ shared love of basketball. All four founders are connected to the Baruch Bearcats basketball team either as current players, assistant coaches, or staff. After several friends had received ipads as gifts, they browsed the app store for anything basketball-related. As they quickly learned, there wasn’t a lot out there in terms of instructional basketball videos. In short time, the friends decided to create their own app. Co-founder Tammer Farid was able to sum up OneBasketball’s goal: “If you need basketball information, OneBasketball is your destination.”

As first time entrepreneurs, the OneBasketball team quickly learned on the job as they rushed to build their app. One of their biggest struggles was videotaping the instructional videos. The crew had one flip cam which during their first day of filming had to be propped up with a textbook instead of a tripod. They starred in their own videos and would redo an entire video if they missed a shot. After all, what good is an instructional video if the player misses the shots? There are over one-hundred and forty different videos in the app. There’s only one where the player misses a shot. To our chagrin, the OneBasketball crew wouldn’t tell us which video has the missed shot!

OneBasketball has been in operation for two and a half months and has sold apps in 18 countries. In the short term, they hope to build their user base, develop the brand, and enhance their blog, The Locker Room. The OneBasketball team also hopes to launch an app for the Droid as well as build an online basketball community. For more information on OneBasketball, visit their website at

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