Best Idea of 2012? “Monday Night NASCAR,” It Could Work.

Last night NASCAR put on a display for Monday night television. Without the shadow of the Oscars or the NBA All Star Game, the Daytona 500 took center stage. We can’t take credit as being the only ones to think of this last night, but should NASCAR consider moving Sprint Cup races to Monday night?

Here’s the scenario we’re suggesting:

  • Sprint Cup Series races move to Monday night
  • Nationwide Series races therefore move to Sunday during the day
  • Saturdays are reserved for NASCAR Camping World Truck Series when the tour is in the same city
  • Qualifying for the Sprint Cup Series and Nationwide Series takes place throughout the day on Saturday and Sunday morning
  • Moving to Monday night would capitalize on the void left by Monday Night Football. The demographic is similar to MNF so the viewership is there. Live sports dominates broadcast television these days. If there’s a primetime show performing well during the Monday night lineup, it can easily find a new home on another evening and commend the same audience.

    “Monday Night NASCAR” would give the sport a dedicated night all to itself. The sport can dominate Monday night’s until the NFL season starts up again in late August. Let’s take a look at some of the sports NASCAR competes with throughout the season.

    In college basketball, there’s Selection Sunday followed by the First Round games on Tuesday. The rest of the NCAA tournament is Thursday-Sunday (we know, the Championship game is on Monday but that’s better than four weeks of TV ratings against conference tournaments and the first two weeks of March Madness).

    In golf, there’s Championship Sunday. The final round of golf’s biggest tournaments are Sundays. There’s the PGA Championship, US Open Championship, The Masters, etc. There is no golf on Monday nights.

    In baseball, Sundays are dedicated to the third game of a series. Most of the best rivalries in baseball are played on the weekend. Monday’s are the most frequent off day.

    In college football, there’s no games on Sunday… but there’s no games on Monday either.

    In the NFL, there’s Monday Night Football. However, that’s one game. Races on Sunday compete with a whole slate of football games. By the time football season starts, the Sprint Cup is near the end of the season and the coveted Chase for the Sprint Cup series of races is about to begin. We think the NASCAR executives should take their chances with putting the Ford 400, the final leg of the Chase, up against a midseason NFL game. That is, of course, as long as it’s not a MNF home game for the Lions at Ford Field!

    What do you think? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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    1. Great article and very interesting concept! But what about the possible effect on fan attendance at the actual race? I would think that it would go down due to it being in the evening.

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