Infographic: The Hipster Super Bowl Rebranding

It’s Super Bowl Sunday and The Sports Business Exchange is celebrating with the smell of sweet potato chili wafting through the home office in Brooklyn. Ahead of tonight’s game and staying with the theme of the borough, Brooklyn-based Tailor Brands brings us a hipster redesign of several NFL teams. The NFL logos are iconic symbols, but Tailor Brands thought they’d give it a go and give them a fresh, young look.


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No Need To Wait Until Sunday, The NFL Has Already Released the Two Best Commercials of Super Bowl 50

There are going to be a lot of awkward conversations going on this weekend between parents and kids born with birthdays in mid October.

The Super Bowl is prime playground for the world’s largest brands to flex their creative muscles. This year though, the NFL looks like they might be near the top of the USA Today Ad Meter with two of the best commercials they’re ever produced. The first commercial gives a little nod to the fun Mom and Dad had after the game ended. The second commercial is the NFL’s trailer of the game. Check them both out below.
“Super Bowl Babies Choir” feat. Seal
YouTube description: For Super Bowl 50 the NFL and Seal brought together some actual Super Bowl Babies to recreate one of the greatest love songs of all time to celebrate the greatest game of all time. Click on CC to view the song lyrics.

Panthers vs. Broncos Super Bowl Trailer
YouTube description: It’s a battle of No. 1s, as the Carolina Panthers take on the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 50.

During the third quarter, the NFL will also run a 30-second ad on behalf of No More, an organization formed to combat domestic violence and sexual assault.


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Amazon Jumps Into Super Bowl With Commercial For The First Time

For the first time in company history, Amazon is running a Super Bowl and they’re bringing in some well known talent to do so. The website,, which includes all the Super Bowl commercials that have been released so far, describes in an article that Amazon’s commercial will be all about the Echo.

In their debut appearance in honor of Super Bowl 50, Amazon wants to let America know about Echo. And they’ve got former Miami Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino and actor Alec Baldwin helping them spread the word.

The teaser commercial, included below, features Marino and Baldwin discussing what they need for their party. The Echo device is a voice-activated speaker that responds to the name “Alexa.” Baldwin asks Alexa for help.


The commercial includes a hashtag, #BaldwinBowl, to continue the conversation on social media.

A list of all Super Bowl advertisers is available at

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Podcast of the Week: A Social Media Guide for Olympic Athletes

If you’ve spent any time following the sports business scene on Twitter or LinkedIn there are certain people that you can tell are very smart and forward-thinking professionals in the industry. Sean Callanan is one of those people. Sean has been running Sports Geek from Melbourne, Australia for several years. Sports Geek’s main areas of concentration are consulting, social media advertising and strategy, and athlete training.

Sean also leads the #SportsBizMelb community and organizes #SBWeek events in Melbourne and Sydney.

Sports Geek posted a new podcast this week discussing a social media strategy for Olympic athletes. 2016 is well underway which means the Summer Olympics in Rio are fast approaching. It’s important for athletes to develop a strategy for social media well in advance of setting foot in Brazil.

Policies discussed in this podcast include:

  • A social media policy for athletes in just four words
  • How social media can be a distraction and how to handle it
  • Why the Olympic movement is behind the curve on digital
  • What do social media platforms want from athletes?
  • What platforms will work best for athletes in Rio
  • What athletes need to know about privacy


Listen to the episode on Sports Geek’s website or subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.

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