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Chip Kelly Shines As New Tostitos Spokesman

Tostitos recently became the Official Chip of the NFL and there’s a certain head coach in Philadelphia who is not too pleased with the news. In a new series of :15 vignettes, Chip Kelly takes on Tostitos in a battle for “Official Chip.”

Philadelphia punter Donnie Jones and tight end Zach Ertz make cameo appearances in the vignettes.

Below is a series of behind the scenes pictures from Chip Kelly’s photo shoot with Tostitos.

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Tostitos is calling on fans to watch all of the video shorts and share their favorite using #OfficialChip. The choice of the #OfficialChip hashtag is an interesting one as @OfficialChip is the Twitter handle of Chipmunk, a rapper in London.

Check all ten of the video shorts below:

The digital series will, according to Tostitos, “culminate with a larger than life footprint at Super Bowl Central.” According to MediaPost, Tostitos will be included in Frito-Lay’s activation spanning two city block.

Tostitos will be using social to promote the videos during the Super Bowl festivities. The Frito-Lay brand will also be taking over two city blocks, dubbed “Tostitos Party Blvd.,” in the downtown Phoenix area that has been designated Super Bowl Central.”

During Super Bowl Week, check out TSBX’s Super Bowl XLIX Pinterest Board for photos from throughout Phoenix and Super Bowl Central.


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College Football Playoff’s Biggest Social Media Brand Engagement Winner Was A Roll of Tape

Sporting events have become the breeding ground for great social media brand campaigns. A unique and defined social media strategy can help insert a brand into the conversation of the game without spending millions of dollars to sponsor the event. The inaugural College Football Playoff Championship garnered record-setting viewership on ESPN and provided a platform for global and niche brands to shine on social media.

Duck Brand has licenses with the University of Oregon and The Ohio State University to create college logo duct tape. Duck Brand leveraged their relationship to retell the biggest plays of the College Football Playoff Championship Game in real-time through 6-second Vine clips. The clips used Duck Brand Duct Tape as props for everything from the two teams to the football and the referees.

The campaign was similar to a promotion Dunkin Donuts ran throughout Monday Night Football in 2013 in which they used coffee cups and donut holes to recreate scenes from the games.

Videos were created with Vine and shared on Twitter. The Vines gave Duck Brand numerous opportunities to highlight Oregon’s and Ohio State’s duct tape. Engagement did not extended to Duck Brand’s Facebook page.




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via ESPN Front Row

In Span of Twelve Days, ESPN Televised Four of the Top Ten Most-Viewed Programs in Cable History

On Monday night, ESPN broke their own record for the most-viewed program in cable television history with the College Football Playoff National Championship. It’s a record they have broken three times in the first twelve days on 2015. Monday’s College Football Playoff National Championship garnered 33 Million Viewers and another 1 Million from the CFP Megacast across ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, ESPN Deportes and ESPNEWS.

The National Championship was ESPN’s third record-breaking program since January 1st. Both College Football Playoff Semifinals previously broke ESPN’s record. The Rose Bowl, between Oregon and Florida State, was seen by 28.1 Million viewers. Later that evening, the Sugar Bowl, between Alabama and Ohio State, beat the Rose Bowl’s viewership by about 100,000 viewers.

The previous most-viewed program was the BCS National Championship Game between Oregon and Alabama in 2011.

Whether it’s sheer coincidence or due in part to their large national following, the University of Oregon has been involved in three of the four most-viewed cable television broadcasts ever. Unfortunately, they’re only 1-2 during those games.

ESPN also notched another top 10 broadcast earlier in January with an NFL Wild Card game between the Arizona Cardinals and the Carolina Panthers.

The graph below originally appeared on ESPN Front Row.

Top 20 Most-Viewed Programs in Cable Television (Viewers in 000s)
Rank Date Program Network   Viewers  
1 1/12/15 CFB/National Championship: Oregon-Ohio State^ ESPN 33,395
2 1/1/15 CFB/Sugar Bowl: Alabama-Ohio St. ^^ ESPN 28,271
3 1/1/15 CFB/Rose Bowl: Oregon-Florida St. ^^ ESPN 28,164
4 1/10/11 CFB/BCS Champ: Oregon-Auburn ESPN 27,316
5 1/7/13 CFB/BCS Champ: Alabama-Notre Dame ESPN 26,380
6 1/6/14 CFB/BCS Champ: Florida St.-Auburn ESPN 25,572
7 1/9/12 CFB/BCS Champ: Alabama-LSU ESPN 24,214
8 10/5/09 NFL MNF: Green Bay-Minnesota ESPN 21,839
9 1/3/15 NFL Wild Card: Arizona-Carolina^^^ ESPN 21,678
10 11/30/09 NFL MNF: New England-New Orleans ESPN 21,402
11 1/1/11 CFB/Rose Bowl: TCU-Wisconsin ESPN 20,558
12 12/27/10 NFL MNF: New Orleans-Atlanta ESPN 19,137
13 10/27/14 NFL MNF: Washington-Dallas ESPN 18,809
14 1/1/14 CFB/Rose Bowl: Stanford-Michigan State ESPN 18,636
15 9/15/08 NFL MNF: Philadelphia-Dallas ESPN 18,608
16 10/25/10 NFL MNF: NY Giants-Dallas ESPN 17,953
17 1/2/12 CFB/Rose Bowl: Wisconsin-Oregon ESPN 17,558
18 12/3/07 NFL MNF: New England-Baltimore ESPN 17,522
19 9/27/10 NFL MNF: Green Bay-Chicago ESPN 17,454
20 10/11/10 NFL MNF: Minnesota-NY Jets ESPN   17,313
^ = College Football Playoff National Championship
^^ = College Football Playoff Semifinal
^^^ = NFL Playoffs


ESPN’s coverage of the CFP National Championship was also available on the American Forces Network and distributed to 146 countries around the world via ESPN International and ESPN Deportes platforms.

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Good Sports: Losing NFL Teams Are Winning Off the Field

The NFL Playoffs continue this weekend and by Sunday evening the field will be narrowed to four teams still vying for the Vince Lombardi Trophy. While winning on the field is every team’s preseason goal, only one franchise will finish the season as Super Bowl Champions. Although many NFL teams do a lot of losing, that doesn’t necessarily mean their season was a total wash. Oftentimes, success comes from other means, such as community involvement.

The three teams below had a combined regular season record of 21-27, but many would argue their victories off the field trump any 2014 shortcomings.

  • Washington Redskins (4-12): In the wake of the team’s last-place NFC finish, General Manager Bruce Allen admitted that despite the tough season, “at least the team’s charity does a fantastic job!” Allen was certainly correct in this statement.  The Washington Redskins Charitable Foundation is among the most successfully run team foundations in the United States.  Like many other NFL organizations, the Redskins players and WRCF are deeply committed to the mission of PLAY 60, the national in-school program encouraging youth to get up and get active for at least 60 minutes each day through fitness and interactive health awareness.
  • Louis Rams (6-10): The Rams haven’t made it to the Super Bowl since 1999, but continue to offer some of the most impactful community campaigns in the league. Their initiatives promoting health and well-being include strong partnerships with the American Red Cross, March of Dimes and The Salvation Army.  Through the Rams’ Community Improvement Program, fans and members of the St. Louis community were encouraged to apply for local development grants.  This is a unique approach for a large organization: to focus on need-based projects that are existing within the heart of the city’s residents.  More recently, the Rams organization began a campaign called “St. Louis Stands Together” to promote peace in nearby Ferguson, Missouri.  Donations made at a December home game were gifted to The Back Stoppers in support of local police officers.
  • Arizona Cardinals (11-5): As much as the Cardinals were hoping to be in the running for a home field advantage on February 1, their season was cut short by the Carolina Panthers in the Playoffs this past weekend. One of the oldest NFL charities, Cardinals Charities, focuses primarily on supporting programs which improve the quality of life and enhance opportunities for children, women, and minorities in the state of Arizona.  Funding for Cardinal Charities has been provided by local companies and, in 2014, awarded to Aid to Adoption, Fresh Start Women’s Foundation and over 100 other deserving non-profits.


The Washington Redskins Charitable Foundation and Mrs. Tanya Snyder hosted the seventh-annual All Star Survivors Celebration. (via Pinterest)
The Washington Redskins Charitable Foundation and Mrs. Tanya Snyder hosted the seventh-annual All Star Survivors Celebration. (via Pinterest)

Every NFL team’s community relations department works with charitable programs throughout the year. Even after the last fans leave Arizona this February, football season will never truly end.

To learn more about your home team’s philanthropic commitment, initiatives and events, visit the NFL’s official community page.

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Why The Atlanta Hawks Should Move Full Steam Ahead With Tinder Night And Own It

SRNHawksOkay, so it’s a little unconventional but Bill Veeck would’ve loved it. On Wednesday, the Atlanta Hawks are hosting “Swipe Right Night.” Aside from a few social media posts and a link to buy tickets on the Hawks’ homepage, we don’t know a lot about how the promotion will work. All we do know is that for $15, a fan can buy a ticket to the game and receive a $10 food and beverage credit. According to Statista.com, that’s enough for a free hot dog and a soft drink. Sound like a lovely date for any new couple.

[Update 1/6: New Press Release reveals more information]

Many people on Twitter and in blogs have made fun of Swipe Right Night, but this isn’t a bad idea. The Hawks should just fully own the night and live it up large. If they’re going to host a promotion for a “dating” app, then the entire theme of the evening should be centered around dating and relationship.

Here are a few more sponsors and promotions we think the Hawks should bring in ahead of Wednesday’s game:

The Kay Jewelers Kyle Korver Kissing Both
Is Kyle Korver married? Lets assume he’s now for this promotion. Since “Every Kiss Begins With Kay,” it’s only appropriate that if the Hawks win, Kyle “Double-K” Korver has to set up a kissing booth outside Philips Arena to greet fans as they exit the game. The only question remains, if the game is close down the stretch, will Hawks fans want Korver taking the final shot?

The Snapchat Kiss Cam
This has to happen. The Kiss Cam is a staple promotion at any worthwhile sporting event. Even people who hate the wave, love the Kiss Cam. That is, unless they’re caught on camera. Also, the Hawks should try to recreate this awkward moment from Syracuse back in 2010 (skip to :34).

Free wifi, sponsored by Blue Nile
Want to log into Facebook during the game? Don’t have a lot of data left on your mobile plan? Not a problem! Log into Blue Nile’s free wifi. If you’re single, male, between the ages of 18-106, and have had a least one friend get engaged in the last 12 months, you’ve definitely seen Blue Nile’s sponsored posts on Facebook.

Monster.com Seat Upgrade of the Game
Guys, lets be honest, you aren’t always telling the truth about yourselves on social media dating apps. You’ve already implied you make more money than you really do, so why not get a free seat upgrade to make it look like you actually earn as much you spend at RED, Philips Arena’s first sit-down dining restaurant. Once the lies catch up with you, you’ll finally want to find a new job. Start your search at Monster.com.

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