Podcast of the Week: Free Throws are Surprisingly Awesome

Surprisingly AwesomeAdam McKay and Adam Davidson would like to convince you that free throws are Surprisingly Awesome, just as the name of the podcast suggests. McKay and Davidson discuss how the best free throw shooter in the world never made it past his high school basketball team, some of the different strategies fans use to distract players at the free throw line, and how one free throw coach turned a terrible free throw shooter into one of the best free throw shooters in the history of the Boston Celtics.

Bonus: If you listen to the full episode, you’ll hear Dirk Nowitzki singing a Counting Crows song.

Listen to the podcast on Gimlet Media’s website, on Soundcloud, or download via iTunes.


About Surprisingly Awesome
Surprisingly Awesome is a show full of stories about things that sound totally boring, but turn out to be totally awesome. Surprisingly Awesome is the fourth podcast from Gimlet Media. Gimlet is a podcast startup that features four podcasts, with a fifth on the way. Startup, Gimlet’s first podcast, follows Gimlet’s found Alex Blumberg as he tries to start his new podcast company from scratch. The second season featured Dating Ring, a startup matchmaking service.



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The Sports Business Exchange Signs on as Media Partner for 3rd Annual Sports Fan Engagement Conference

Q1FanEngageThe Sports Business Exchange has signed on as media partner for the 3rd Annual Sports Fan Engagement Conference which will be held Feb 29 – Mar 1, 2016 in Charlotte, NC. In its third year, the Sports Fan Engagement Conference will provide attendees with an insightful and valuable experience through presentations delivered by digital, marketing and communications executives from all across the industry – pro sports, college athletics, minor leagues, innovative vendors and more.

This one-of-a-kind opportunity to share best practices in an interactive and content-rich setting offers front-office teams takeaways that can be immediately implemented upon return.

Registration is now open on the Q1 Productions website.

This page will be updated as more information about speakers is announced.

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New England Sports Networking Group Kick-Off Event Planned for Dec 1st

The New England Sports Networking Group is planning their first networking event December 1, 2015 at West End Johnnie’s “to network with other sports business professionals from around New England.” Whether you’re just starting your career in sports, or are a seasoned veteran, this event will be a great opportunity to connect and build relationships with other professionals in the sports industry.

Tickets are available online before December 1.

A portion of the proceeds from this event will be donated to Dream Big! Learn more at

Already attending? We recommend reading “What to Do with All the Business Cards from Your Last Conference” written by Alexandra Samuel of the Harvard Business Review. While the article discusses how to optimize your return on a conference, the same rules apply for a 2-3 hour networking event. Don’t let your time spent at the networking event go to waste.

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Podcast of the Week: Fatherly on the New York Launch Pod

FatherlyWhile not directly related to the sports industry, parenting is something most sports business professionals will experience at some point in their lives. Combine that with the startup nature of this podcast, and it’s definitely worth listening to for any sports business professional. In this episode, of the New York Launch Pod, host Hal Coopersmith interviews Mike Rothman, co-founder and CEO of Fatherly. Mike Rothman spent almost seven years of his career at Thrillist before jumping into a new startup focused on fathers, although he claims both fathers and mothers frequently visit Fatherly.

Mike discusses his move from Thrillist, how he knew there was a niche for Fatherly in the market, how the company curates and publishes content, and why he’s qualified to be CEO of a parenting website when he is not a parent himself. He also discusses how they got Arne Duncan, who served as the United States Secretary of Education between 2009 and 2015, to sit down for a candid interview.

You can listen to the podcast on The New York Launch Pod’s website or by subscribing via iTunes or Android. A complete transcript of the episode is also available on the website.


The New York Launch Pad:
Highlighting start-ups, disruptors, innovators, and other nontraditional businesses in the New York City area, the New York Launch Pod is a monthly podcast featuring conversations with a diverse group of entrepreneurs, who share their experiences and insights building new businesses in and around the Big Apple. From business strategy, to dealing with logistical and financial obstacles, to the sometimes painful growth process, the podcast covers key issues facing entrepreneurs and their businesses.

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#SportsBiz News Roundup: Watch College Football From The Back Seat of An Uber

via @UWBadgers
Here’s a roundup of what you might have missed this week.

More than just jerseys in new Wisconsin/Under Armour deal.
Wisconsin and Under Armour recently announced a new apparel and equipment deal. The unique agreement includes an internship at UA headquarters for two UW students every year.


University of Michigan punter Blake O’Neill had a bad day.
The biggest gaffe of the college football season happened at the end of yesterday’s in-state battle between Michigan and Michigan State with the Spartans taking the victory after Michigan’s punter fumbled a punt which was returned for a touchdown with no time remaining. Most Michigan “fans” let the vitriol run rampant, but there were also plenty of people whose tweets showed support for the student athlete.


Twitter shuts down accounts of popular sports websites.
In a battle between free speech and copyright laws, Twitter recently shut down the accounts of SBNation and Deadspin. WIRED takes a look at why the NFL requested the accounts be removed and the issues surrounding the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.


Daily fantasy sports website continue to see strong returns.
Despite being at the center of an investigation, DrafKings and FanDuel continue to heavily advertise their daily fantasy sports platforms. They’re also making millions of dollars every weekend as well.


via AT&T
When you’re stuck in traffic and kickoff is only minutes away.
If you live in Nashville, Detroit, Houston, or Atlanta you might be lucky enough to watch your favorite college football team from the backseat of an Uber in a joint partnerships with AT&T.


Not sports related, but still worth watching…
Knowing how infectious a yawn can be, a Brazilian coffee company has come up with an unusual way to transfer yawns into sales. (h/t to the @SportsGeek for sharing this one)

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